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Publicaciones de 2019

31 de octubre de 2019

These kids think they're getting candy tonight...

the text says These kids think they're gonna get candy tonight when really they're getting resources about their rights at school :)  over a kitkat bar that is photoshopped to have a flash drive in the wrapper instead of a candy bar.

...when really they're getting resources about their rights at ¡colegio!

30 de octubre de 2019

Senators Support Homeless Trans Folks

33 members of the Senate condemned a plan by Trump administration to allow emergency shelters to turn away trans people.

21 de octubre de 2019

Five Ways YOU Showed That Trans People #WontBeErased

Ruby Corado speaking at the White House rally
One year ago today, the Trump administration announced a plan to erase transgender people from federal law in order to hurt our rights to access health care, housing, education, and employment free of discrimination.
17 de septiembre de 2019

Trump Nominee Claims LGBTQ People Are Unnatural

President Donald Trump has appointed 1 in 4 of the nation's federal appeals court judges, the last level a case typically reaches before the Supreme Court where two more Trump judges await. Trump has also appointed 1 in 7 district court judges, an

17 de septiembre de 2019

Trump Administration Weaponizes Faith Against Transgender Workers

The Trump administration is using religion to encourage discrimination. 

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