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Cerrado martes, 13 de diciembre, 2016

Los empleadores siguen ampliando la atención de salud trans-inclusiva

La semana pasada, nuestros socios en la Campaña de Derechos Humanos lanzaron su 2017. Indice de Igualdad Corporativa, which rates 887 of the nation's biggest employers on their commitment to equality for LGBT employees in the US and around the world. The results show big progress, driven by a combination of growing public support for trans equality, internal advocacy by employees, strong support from medical professional associations, and the development of stronger protections in federal and state laws.
Nearly all--98%--of companies rated by the CEI had a GI(Gender Identity)-inclusive nondiscrimination policy, and 74% had inclusive health benefits for transgender employees and dependents. Not all large companies are rated by the CEI, but looking at all Fortune 500 companies, 82% now have GI-inclusive EEO policies and 50% now have trans-inclusive health benefits. In addition, hundreds of companies in the CEI have developed positive guidelines for workplace gender transitions. 
We know that not everyone is able to get health insurance through a job. If you are uninsured or currenty have a plan through Obamacare (the Affordable Care Act), open enrollment is happening now--and there are more options than ever that cover the care trans people need. Find out more at http://out2enroll.org y https://www.healthcare.gov/transgender-health-care/

If you have faced discrimination on the job--including in health benefits--check out NCTE's Conoce tus Derechos recurso.

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