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New York State DOCCS: Solitary Confinement Isn't Protection. It's Torture.


El Departamento de Correcciones y Supervisión Comunitaria del Estado de Nueva York (DOCCS) administra las instituciones correccionales estatales en todo el estado de Nueva York: instalaciones, a reloj solitario investigación encontrada, where transgender women are regularly placed in solitary confinement and subjected to sexual assault.



NCTE is one of several organizations that signed a letter today to Anthony Annucci, the Acting Commissioner of DOCCS. The letter, which was also signed by our colleagues at Servicios Legales de Prisioneros de Nueva York, la Proyecto de Ley Sylvia Rivera, y la Colectivo de mujeres trans de color, encourages Annucci to take swift action to end the routine practice of isolating incarcerated transgender people. Transgender women in New York are automatically housed in correctional facilities for men, and the practice of housing them in solitary confinement is often justified with references to the safety of the prisoner. However, as the reloj solitario report makes clear, these individuals are in fact at greater risk of harm, including sexual violence as well as the added toll of extreme isolation. Our letter urges DOCCS to take specific actions to protect incarcerated transgender people and ensure compliance with the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA), which was passed in 2003. For more information, please read NCTE’s guide to LGBT people and PREA. [scribd id=236512905 key=key-ctLDud0aDcphUrbtxag4 mode=scroll]

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