Quick Hit: Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition Launches “I AM: Trans People Speak” Campaign | National Center for Transgender Equality


Jueves, junio 23, 2011

Golpe rápido: La Coalición Política de Transgéneros de Massachusetts lanza la campaña "YO SOY: Personas Trans. Hablan"

As Massachusetts’ gender identity and expression nondiscrimination bill makes its way through the state legislature, the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition ramps up public education efforts with this multi-media campaign “I AM: Trans People Speak.” Today, nearly 300 people descendió on Boston to lobby for the bill.

While a Williams Institute informe shows that 76 percent of transgender workers in the state have been discriminated in the workplace, the same percentage of voters in the state know that this is wrong, and believe that transgender people deserve employment protections.

Check out this powerful video:

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