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This week was too many things

A genderfluid person meditating

Mental health resources for challenging times

We get it. This week (read: year) has been the gift that just keeps giving. So far, 2021 has felt a lot like a roller coaster we can’t get off of. One day, we are elated and more hopeful than we’ve been in years after the historic results of the Senate in the Georgia runoff election on January 6th. We felt such hope & joy in seeing Senators-Elect Rev. Raphael Warnock & Jon Ossoff felt like we all won. After years of chaos & normalized white supremacy, the change we fought for throughout the 2000s & 2010s had finally come back to us.

Hours later, the Capitol was attacked and progress was literally put on pause as Congress adjourned after vigilantes rushed the floor & occupied the Capitol. The unmitigated gall & hypocritical indignation President Trump & his legion have shown over the past 72 hours isn’t surprising. It’s the same behavior the President has encouraged, protected and capitalized off of throughout his political career. Our democracy is under siege by a bunch of thuggish, traitorous terrorists. Their behavior is shameful and as we have always known, this President is shameful. The extremists in power scapegoat transgender people, along with other marginalized people, to distract us from their failure to govern effectively. They attack rather than lead.

But this dangerous buffoonery isn’t going to change anything in the long run. That’s why voters overwhelmingly chose a new direction, towards a government where we honor each other’s humanity. Joe Biden will become president in a couple weeks and Trump will go away and go down in shameful infamy.

Still, this can feel really stressful for all of us, so we I hope everyone is doing what they individually need to do to stay physically safe and as emotionally safe as possible. I also wanted to share a few mental health resources that are free and available to talk with you anytime, day or night.

Crisis Text Line
Gratis, soporte 24 / 7 para personas en crisis
Envíe un mensaje de texto con 741741 desde cualquier lugar de los EE. UU. Para enviar un mensaje de texto con un asesor de crisis capacitado.

The Trevor Project
Intervención en crisis y servicios de salud mental para esas edades. 13-24
Crisis hotline: 866­-488­-7386

National Queer & Trans Therapists of Color Network (NQTTCN)
A directory of mental health resources by and for queer and trans people of color (QTPoC)

At NCTE, we understand and will not falter in our commitment to trans equality. Please remember that as individuals, as a movement, a community, we are strong and resilient and our cause to save trans lives is righteous. The insurrectionists and traitors at the Capitol this week can’t win and won’t win. Stay strong.


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