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Trump Nominee Claims LGBTQ People Are Unnatural


President Donald Trump has appointed 1 in 4 of the nation's federal appeals court judges, the last level a case typically reaches before the Supreme Court where two more Trump judges await. Trump has also appointed 1 in 7 district court judges, and every judge appointed by this administration and confirmed by the Senate is granted a lifetime seat.

Deja que se hunda.

Oneof his latest nominees is Steven Menashi, who was last seen dodging questions from Republican and Democratic Senators on his record denouncing anti-sexual violence advocates, defending anti-Muslim myths, and comparing collection of diversity data by colleges to "the Nuremberg laws." 

Where one finds bigotry and misogyny, transphobia and homophobia is never far behind. The National Center for Transgender Equality called on Senators to reject the nomination of yet another extreme and unqualified judicial nominee. 

Mr. Menashi’s career has been characterized by disturbing rhetoric, including toward LGBTQ Americans. In his writings, he has suggested being LGBTQ is “outside nature,” and suggested advocates for LGBTQ equality are seeking to “peer[] down on the rest of creation with a godlike power to manipulate it for our own purposes.” He has described respect for transgender people, and the medical standards of care for transgender people endorsed by every major medical association, as examples of “the tendency to ignore reality.” He has downplayed hate violence against LGBTQ Americans, including the brutal 1998 murder of Matthew Shepard, and bizarrely suggested that LGBTQ advocates should instead focus on crimes against children that happen to be committed by gay people. He has virtually dismissed the entire concept of sexual harassment as “nonsensical,” has and argued for ending all need-based financial aid, suggesting it only benefits those who lack “foresight and prudence.” These are not the signs of a judicial temperament. 

You can help us fight the nomination of Steven Menashi and every other anti-trans Trump nominee by calling your Senators at (202) 224-3121 now!

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