Why We’re Blacking Out Our Facebook and Twitter Tonight | National Center for Transgender Equality


Miércoles, 13 de diciembre, 2017

¿Por qué nos estamos quedando fuera de nuestro Facebook y Twitter esta noche?

Esta noche, estamos desconcertando nuestros perfiles de redes sociales para mostrar solidaridad con los Soñadores: inmigrantes que llegaron de niños y llaman a Estados Unidos su hogar, pero no tienen un camino hacia la ciudadanía.

For five years, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program has allowed Dreamers to obtain work permits and live free from the fear that they will be deported from the country they have called home for most of their lives. This freedom has allowed so many young immigrants to not only come out of the shadows, but also come out of the closet, knowing they could find real opportunity in this — their country.

Since the Trump/Pence administration ended DACA in September, 122 Dreamers have lost their DACA protections every day, totaling nearly 12,000 young people with expired DACA status to date. Every morning, these young people wake up knowing that they face losing their livelihoods, being separated from their families, or deported to a largely unfamiliar country.

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