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Just like everyone else, transgender people deserve competent health care, whether that’s an annual physical or transition-related care. 

Unfortunately, in today’s climate transgender people’s health care is both widely stigmatized and often misunderstood. Those unfamiliar with, or hostile to, the health needs of transgender people might portray transition-related care as “cosmetic” or a choice. In fact, the medical necessity of transition-related care is overwhelmingly supported by literatura médica as effective, necessary, and even life-saving for many transgender people.

Major medical groups like the American Medical Associationla Asociación Americana de Psicologíala Academia Estadounidense de Pediatría publicly support the current directrices basadas en la evidencia for transition-related care, and these same groups oppose any discrimination against trans patients, including restrictions on the type of care or coverage a transgender person can receive. 

Despite the protections of the Affordable Care Act and other laws that prohibit discrimination, transgender people continue to encounter barriers to care. Transgender people face significant job loss and job fragility and, therefore, a higher rate of uninsurance. While many public and private insurance plans have removed exclusions that blatantly target transgender people, many plans continue to deny coverage for medically necessary care. Even when transgender people have access to comprehensive coverage, discrimination is still prevalent in many health care settings, and contributes to health disparities when compared to the general US population. Discrimination is particularly dangerous in emergency situations - and in rural areas, where there may be few alternatives if one provider refuses to treat transgender people. 

A4TE works with federal, state and local agencies and advocates to ensure that transgender people have access to quality health care.


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Advocates for Transgender Equality (A4TE) Denounces House Vote to Block Title IX Regulations

Today the House of Representatives voted to overturn key protections for students against harassment, discrimination, and sexual assault advanced by the Biden Administration.



Advocates for Trans Equality Responds to White House Statement Opposing Gender-Affirming Care for Trans Youth

Today, after the Biden Administration made a statement opposing surgeries for transgender youth, Rodrigo Heng-Lehtinen, Advocates for Trans Equality Executive Director, released the following statement.



TLDEF Wins Another Historic Victory for Transgender Deputy Denied Health Care by Georgia Sheriff and County at Eleventh Circuit

ATLANTA — The Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund (TLDEF) won our case involving a trans woman in Georgia who was denied coverage by her employer for transition-related care.
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