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National Center for Transgender Equality’s 2023 Remembrance Report honors 109 transgender people passed away since last November

At least 53 trans people lost to violence since November 2022

As Trans Day of Remembrance approaches, the Centro Nacional para la Igualdad Transgénero (NCTE) has released its 2023 Remembrance Report honoring the lives of 109 transgender individuals who have passed away in the United States since November 2022, with at least 53 of those lost to violence and another 33 to suicide. Information has been compiled from various sources, including national and local news, LGBTQI+ organizations, social media, and community submissions. The report comes in the form of an online memorial with photos, illustrations, and biographical information (where available) about each person to honor the fullness of their lives, not just the tragedy of their deaths.

The full list of people memorialized by NCTE's Remembrance Report is a result of tireless efforts by members of staff, activists, volunteers, and families dedicated to remembering the losses suffered by the trans community. This report emphasizes the importance of inclusivity and honors diverse identities beyond the cisgender binary.

Shedding light on various forms of violence against the trans community, including physical violence, bullying, harassment, and systemic discrimination, this report emphasizes the need to broaden the perspective on gender identity and expression and ensure the memorialization of all lost community members.

The previous year’s Remembrance Report listed 47 transgender people lost to violence, and this year’s report indicates a slight increase. However, gathering accurate data about those we’ve lost is a challenge. Violence against the transgender community is often underreported, and data about it is difficult to capture. Transgender people who are victims of violence are frequently misidentified in death by law enforcement, journalists, and even by unsupportive family members, often by being referred to by their birth name or their assigned sex at birth rather than their true name and gender.

“NCTE’s Remembrance Report emphasizes the importance of accurate data collection, urging governments to recognize all gender identities,” said Kris Tassone, policy counsel for the National Center for Transgender Equality and head of the remembrance project. “Despite strides in vital record updates, more comprehensive efforts are needed to ensure accurate representation and recognition.”

The 2023 Remembrance Report highlights the need for collective mourning and advocacy. Everyone lost was valuable and deserves to be recognized as their true and whole selves. Trans Day of Remembrance reminds us to reflect on our collective responsibility to protect the most vulnerable and heal the wounds they have suffered. The youngest person in the 2023 Remembrance Report was just 14 years old, which only emphasizes the need to create a world where all trans youth can grow and thrive.

The importance of Transgender Day of Remembrance has never been more profound. No matter what, the trans community and our allies will continue the journey towards a more just and compassionate society.

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