Biden Administration Moves to Protect Transgender Students Under Title IX | National Center for Transgender Equality

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David Farmer
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23 de junio de 2022

Biden Administration Moves to Protect Transgender Students Under Title IX

The National Center for Transgender Equality today released the following statement regarding the Biden administration’s groundbreaking proposal to expand Title IX protections to transgender students.

“Earlier today, on the 50th anniversary of Title IX, the Department of Education announced a new proposed Title IX rule advancing the goal of addressing discrimination, harassment and violence based on gender in our education system. 

“Title IX is the foundation that ensures that our education system is equitable and accessible to people of all genders. The release of this updated regulation builds on Title IX’s promise 50 years ago that our education system should allow for all students to thrive, regardless of their gender. 

“Transgender students frequently encounter discrimination at school, with the most recent U.S. Trans Survey showing that 77% of those who were out or perceived as transgender in K–12 experienced some form of mistreatment. This proposed rule is an important next step in the push to develop comprehensive nondiscrimination protections for the transgender community nationwide. 

“Given the recent wave of state-based attacks on transgender athletes, especially transgender youth, we look forward to a swift rulemaking process to address Title IX’s application to athletics. 

“NCTE has advocated across multiple administrations to address the needs of transgender people in education, and we are thankful to the Biden administration and this Department of Education for demonstrating their commitment to our community.”

The statement can be attributed to Alexis Rangel (she/they), policy counsel for NCTE.



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