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Advocates for Trans Equality (A4TE)'s staff are leading experts on transgender people and the issues that they face. Our staff has extensive experience speaking on the needs of the transgender community and transgender politics across a range of platforms. Our staff are considered subject-matter experts by countless media outlets, social-justice organizations, universities, major corporations, policymakers at every level, and professional associations of medical, legal, behavioral health providers. Whether your audience is learning about transgender people for the first time or are seasoned veterans of the LGBTQ+ movement, our staff are prepared to engage, inform, and inspire them.

Among many other topics, our staff have spoken on the following topics:

  • Transgender Awareness 101 & Beyond
  • Transition-Related Health Care
  • State and Federal Legislation
  • Identity Documents and Name Changes
  • Violence & Hate Crimes
  • Intimate-Partner Violence
  • Workplace Inclusion Practices & Policies
  • Prisons, jails, and policing
  • Know Your Rights for trans and nonbinary community
  • Provider Competency Training for legal, medical, and behavioral-health providers

A4TE staff have presented at events held by many organizations and companies such as:

  • Axios
  • United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
  • Uber
  • American University's Polarization and Extremism Research and Innovation Lab
  • IKEA
  • ACT Blue
  • True Colors United
  • Campaña de Derechos Humanos
  • Disney
  • CUNY Law School
  • Escuela de leyes de Harvard
  • University of Alabama Law School
  • Davis Polk
  • BakerHostetler
  • American Bar Association
  • cuidado de amida
  • Fenway Institute
  • Liderazgo
  • Coalición para las personas sin hogar.
  • Asociación Estadounidense de Estudiantes de Medicina
  • Accenture
  • Museo Smithsonian
  • Intuit
  • Clinical Association of Social Workers
  • The Equality Caucus
  • La Conferencia de Liderazgo sobre Derechos Civiles y Humanos.
  • HUD
  • Global Alliance for Behavioral Health Justice

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