The simplest way to support A4TE is to hacer un regalo en línea. We accept all major credit cards. 

You can also join the hundreds of supporters in our Changemaker Circle and donar mensualmente to provide us with the resources we need year-round to drive the movement forward.

Note: until the merger paperwork is finalized, donations are being collected by NCTE Action Fund for A4TE's use.

Advocates for Trans Equality (EIN: 82-0861095) is a 501(c)(4).

Advocates for Trans Equality Education Fund (EIN: 41-2090291) is a 501(c)(3), so contributions are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law allowed by the IRS.

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Join Defenders of Trans Equality

Advocates for Trans Equality’s Defenders of Trans Equality is a group of philanthropic leaders donating to A4TE who fight to ensure the voices of trans people, their families, and the movement’s allies are heard.

By committing to an annual donation of $1,000 (or $83.33/month) or more, Defenders of Trans Equality members receive special updates and invitations, giving them intimate behind-the-scenes access to A4TE’s work and the vision that drives our organization.

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Join Changemakers Circle

If you are passionate about sustaining the vital work of A4TE at a different level, consider joining Changemakers Circle. This is a community dedicated to making a lasting impact in the fight for trans rights through recurring donations of any size.

Changemakers Circle members provide essential recurring support that allows A4TE to continue advocacy efforts, maintain stability and plan and execute long-term strategies for achieving equality and justice for all.

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Join the Bright Futures Society

One of the most powerful ways to ensure that effective policy change can be carried out for generations to come, regardless of who holds political office, is to become a member of A4TE’s Bright Futures Society, through a gift in your will. It’s an incredible way to invest in the future of trans rights, without any cost to you today.

To confirm your membership as a Bright Futures Society member, please contact Camille Williams-Ginsberg at GME@dhr-rgv.com, to let us know you have dedicated a charitable bequest to A4TE in your will.

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Host an Event with A4TE

Thank you for your interest in hosting an event to support Advocates for Trans Equality! Please remember that you should think about the type of event you are comfortable hosting, and the security measures you plan on taking to keep your family and community safe.

Please reach out to Victoria Foster at GME@dhr-rgv.com  to discuss your event and learn more about the event planning process.

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Fundraise on Behalf of A4TE

You can help support our movement for transgender equality by hosting a fundraiser in support of A4TE or A4TE Education Fund, either in-person or online. See below for all of the ways you can fundraise for us!

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Convertirse en un socio corporativo

Becoming a corporate partner with Advocates for Trans Equality shows your company’s commitment to trans rights and demonstrates leadership in the fight for LGBTQI+ equality. Corporate supporters get unique access to A4TE, including opportunities to receive feedback on company policies and marketing campaigns and chances to have an A4TE staff member speak to your staff.

To explore partnership opportunities or make a one-time donation to A4TE, please contact our Corporate Manager, Nikki Mia, at GME@dhr-rgv.com.

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Amplify Your Gift with an Employer Match

Does your company have a matching gift program? Many companies will match their employees' gifts to non-profit organizations. This is an easy way for the impact of your gift to be doubled - or even tripled!

Check with your HR department to find out if they offer a match. Sometimes companies can set up donations via automatic payroll deduction, or they can match a gift you make directly to us.

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