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Voces para la igualdad trans


About Voices for Transgender Equality

Voices for Transgender Equality (VTE) empowers transgender people and allies so that they can better advocate for transgender rights. By joining VTE, members will receive:

  • Dirección on how to tell one’s story to change hearts and minds to various in-person or other audiences,
  • Formación y actualizaciones on federal, state, and local policies, so transgender people and allies can push changes that support the trans community,
  • Opcional oportunidades para compartir historias in the media that show the importance of trans-inclusive policies.

VTE allows community members to connect directly with NCTE, to receive resources and opportunities as well as to help NCTE stay informed about transgender rights issues in communities across the country.  There’s no cost to join, and members never have to share their stories or be public if that’s not the right decision for them. Overall, this group will help ensure that trans people and allies are able to use their voices to demand dignity and respect for all.

Una de nuestras voces

“Emotional, autobiographical storytelling can be a path to truly owning your story. Further, by 'giving it away,' you can use your own journey as a means to help others on theirs.”
-Rev. Hopkins is a trans activist and advocate in Charlotte, NC. She is an associate minister with Sacred Souls Community Church, as well as a proud parent and grandparent



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