Voting is a key part of our participation in society. It is absolutely critical for everyone to vote - whether by mail, by going to an early polling location, or going to a voting location on Election Day. Trans people and our allies deserve to have our voices heard in the halls of power! 

Our initiatives are dedicated to empowering the trans community to stand up and be counted in every election. By supporting and educating trans voters, we aim to increase our civic participation - and ensure that our trans community’s needs are met. When you understand your rights, register to vote, and engage politically, you become an agent of change. By casting our vote, we ensure that our voices are not just heard but also acted upon in the political arena. 

Activist and performer Angelica Ross speaks in front of the Capitol for trans day of visibility 2024.

Advocate and performer Angelica Ross speaks in front of the U.S. Capitol at our TRANSform the Vote Rally in March 2024.

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Get registered to vote, check your registration, and learn your rights about voting as a trans person!
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Advocates for Trans Equality is thrilled to endorse a group of groundbreaking candidates for the 2024 primary elections. Each of these leaders has demonstrated a deep commitment to the rights and well-being of the transgender community. Their campaigns are vital to ensuring fair and inclusive representation.
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