Advocates for Trans Equality is committed to advocating for candidates who believe in pushing back against the dangerous and regressive efforts threatening trans rights so that all people living in the U.S. can live joyfully and without barriers.  

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A4TE is proud to endorse candidates who champion trans rights and equality. We invite individuals running for office to apply for our endorsement through our Solicitud de respaldo. Our endorsement process is designed to identify and support candidates who are committed to advancing the rights and visibility of the trans community. By endorsing candidates, we amplify the voices that best represent our communities and ensure that trans rights are front and center in politics. 

Our endorsed candidates will receive support in many ways, including one-on-one coaching, contributions, using our name on printed materials, and more. 

Political Candidate/Campaign Manager Training

Our training program prepares aspiring trans candidates and trans campaign managers for effective electoral campaigning. This 4-day intense training provides a diverse range of tactics and strategies tailored to each candidate's unique needs. Participants will leave the training with an individual, comprehensive, actionable campaign plan that emphasizes voter engagement and innovative outreach strategies.

Our candidates and campaign managers will learn to:

  • Understand and apply diverse campaigning techniques.
  • Develop skills in effective fundraising.
  • Master door canvassing strategies.
  • Utilize digital media and traditional media effectively.
  • Engage voters directly.
  • How to survive and win on the campaign trail as an openly trans candidate.
  • Creating a custom campaign plan.

If you are interested in applying for our training, please aplicar aquí for our August 28-31 DC training.

Compromiso político

A4TE is deeply engaged in building and maintaining solid political relations to advance our mission of trans rights and equality. Our efforts include active participation in major political events and strategic partnerships with leading LGBTQ political organizations.

We play a significant role in leading trans-specific messaging and working within major political organizations. We ensure that trans issues are represented and prioritized at the highest levels of political power. 

Out for Biden

A4TE proudly supports the "Out for Biden" campaign, a coalition effort to mobilize LGBTQ voters to support President Biden. Our historic joint endorsement with organizations such as HRC PAC and Equality PAC highlights the administration's contributions and commitment to the transgender community.

Partnerships with Major LGBTQ Political Organizations

These collaborations amplify our efforts, allowing us to reach wider audiences and create more impactful advocacy initiatives. By working together, we strive to ensure that the political landscape becomes more inclusive and representative of the trans community.

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