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On Trans Day of Remembrance, we honor and uplift our community

18 de noviembre.

On Trans Day of Remembrance, we honor those taken from our communities, we celebrate their lives, and we root ourselves in our collective resilience.   

Our community is incredibly strong. In the face of systemic violence, trans people continue to survive and thrive. We support and celebrate each other while working hard to achieve our dreams. 


Nuestro nuevo Remembrance Report centers the humanity and individuality of trans people whose lives were stolen by violence. Whenever possible, we’ve included snapshots of their lives, often shared by their loved ones.  


Act Now: Tell the Biden-Harris Administration to Protect Trans Health!

10 de agosto de 2022

The Biden-Harris administration has finally released a new proposed rule that takes major steps forward to protect trans people from health care discrimination! We've teamed up with Transgender Law Center (TLC) and Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund (TLDEF), with support from 82 other organizations around the country to launch the next phase of the Protect Trans Health .

I'm a trans teen in Ohio. Kids like me deserve support

3 de agosto de 2022

My name is Louis. I’m eighteen years old, and I just graduated from high school. I enjoy painting, watching TV and listening to music. I’m also queer and transmasculine.  

Leslie Feinberg

Homenaje a las lesbianas trans durante la Semana de la Visibilidad Lésbica

28 de abril de 2022

During Lesbian Visibility Week, the National Center for Lesbian Rights, National Center for Transgender Equality, and the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund honor the lives and experiences of transgender and non-binary lesbians

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