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Key Staff

Gabi looking at camera wearing bolo tie

Gabi Bautista (they/them)

Asociada de comunicación

Gabi is a queer and genderfluid Filipinx serving as a Communications Associate. They have offered their skills in digital media to various nonprofits, grassroots projects, and community organizers working towards racial justice and queer liberation.

Josie outside

Josie Caballero (she/her)

US Trans Survey Project Manager

As Project Manager, Josie Caballero manages the 2021 US Transgender Survey at NCTE. Josie plays a crucial role in organizing and coordinating researchers, academics, and activists across the US to ensure the scientific integrity & efficacy of the USTS.

August in collared shirt and sweater

August Clayton (he/him)

Asociada de Desarrollo

As Development Associate, August Clayton coordinates fundraising events, stewards donors, manages foundation proposals, and engages individual donors at NCTE. August's previous roles have spanned from community organizing, to institutional policy, research, and grant writing.

Alex wearing cap in front of sunflowers

Alex del Rosario (they/them)

Gerente de Alcance

As Outreach Manager, Alex works alongside trans advocates and activists from around the country to help ensure the success of the 2022 community-led US Transgender Survey.

John against teal background

John Geoffrion (he/him)

Administrador de base de datos

John is our Development Database Administrator, and supports the gift processing, data hygiene and fundraising efforts at NCTE.

Headshot of Rodrigo in front of green hedges

Rodrigo Heng-Lehtinen (he/him)

Director Ejecutivo

Rodrigo Heng-Lehtinen is a transgender policy, advocacy, and messaging expert. As a Cuban American transgender man, his wide-ranging experience in the LGBTQ movement has covered field organizing, leadership development, fundraising, and media advocacy.

Olivia wearing glasses in front of window

Olivia Hunt (she/her)

Asesor Político Senior

As Senior Policy Counsel, Olivia Hunt works with state and national coalition partners and government officials to craft policies on issues affecting transgender people, such as identity documents.

Sean outside

Sean McCarthy (he/they)

Gerente de Desarrollo

Sean McCarthy is Development Manager at the National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) where they manage a portfolio of NCTE supporters and help connect them to the Center’s critical work.

Shane standing in the sun in front of palm trees

Shane McGarrah (he/him)

Ayudante de Office

Born and raised in Montana, Shane has a Master of Music in Instrumental Conducting from Arkansas State University and a Bachelor of Arts in Music from Montana State University. He has worked as a performer (French horn/trombone) and music teacher in several states throughout the country.

D holding a pair of glasses

D. Ojeda (they/them)

Defensor de políticas

As a policy advocate, D. Ojeda works with coalition partners and federal/state government officials to create structural changes that will improve the wellbeing of the trans community, such as access to adequate health coverage and temporary housing.

Alexis smiling in long blue coat in front of grey backdrop

Alexis Rangel (she/they)

Asesor de políticas

Alexis Rangel (uh-LEK-sis rahn-HEL) is a queer trans Latina serving as Policy Counsel, where she builds collaborative relationships with advocates, decision-makers, and issue experts to further our policy goals impacting the criminal legal system.

Ames looking at camera against blurred background

Ames Simmons (he/him)

Director de política

Ames Simmons is a queer white trans man serving as Policy Director at National Center for Transgender Equality.

Sybastian looking at camera against gray background

Sybastian Smith (he/him)

Organizador nacional

Sybastian Smith is a 40-year-old LGBTQ+ social justice advocate, consultant, Certified Health Educator and Medical Assistant of fifteen years. Mr.

Leigh looking at camera in pink clothes

Leigh Thomas (they/them)

Digital Media Manager

Leigh Thomas is a Black, queer artist and storyteller. They have worked for over 13 years as a nonprofit communications professional supporting both grassroots and national organizations. Leigh is passionate about using their skills to lift up voices that often go unheard.

Jami smiling at camera

Jami Westerhold (she/her)

Director Ejecutivo Adjunto

As Deputy Executive Director, Jami Westerhold oversees the finance, operations, human resources, and development at NCTE.

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