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Publicaciones de 2019

11 de Septiembre de 2019

Medical Leaders Speak Up for Trans Health

Over 20,000 of you helped us fight against the Trump administration by submitting comments at

16 de agosto de 2019

Congress Must Take Action to Protect Trans Migrants

The Trump administration is determined to do all it can to worsen the lives of migrants and asylum seekers, putting transgender migrants increasingly at risk for violence and abuse.

14 de agosto de 2019

Department of Labor Proposes New Plan to Let Employers Discriminate Against Transgender People Using Taxpayer Dollars

Trump on a blue gradient

DOL proposed a new plan to allow employers receiving federal contracts to discriminate. 

13 de agosto de 2019

125 Members of Congress Condemn Attack on Trans Health Care

Today is the last day you can leave a comment at and stand up for the right of every person to health care free from prejudice or bigotry.

7 de agosto de 2019

Trans Rights Are Repro Rights Are Trans Rights

PHOTO: A nonbinary person in a hospital gown lies on a medical table while a doctor performs a pelvic exam. Credit: Zachary Drucker/Gender Spectrum

Alongside their efforts to remove legal protections for transgender people accessing health care, the Trump administration is also threatening a key sour

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