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Keisling habla sobre podcast sobre la igualdad

Ayer, Mara Keisling se unió a Bradley Herring y Carlos Maza en La igualdad importa' semanal Podcast. The clip begins with a critique of the first issue of a new gay wedding magazine called Wedding Pride which was, ironically, released by News Corps, the parents company of Fox News. "The magazine is not anti-gay; it's just written in a way that sort of makes people who are familiar with the LGBT community cringe..." Maza said, followed by Carlos laughing that "It was written by someone who's never actually met a gay person.” Fortunately or unfortunately, the second issue won’t be out until April. Mara Keisling was invited on shortly after this to discuss NCTE’s most recently released resource that was based on the findings of its Encuesta Nacional de Discriminación Transgénero. In September, a resource was released about the discrimination that black transgender people face; this month, one focusing on Latino/a transgender people went live. The Latino/a statistics were particularly disturbing: almost half (47%) of Latino/a respondents reported having attempted suicide. “We really do need to focus on the intersections of identity politics and identity issues,” Keisling said, and went on to add: “I don’t happen to be a Latino person myself, and I shouldn’t be speaking for Latino people. We tienen to do a better job of helping communities build.”

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