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The U.S. Trans Survey Report Launches on Dec. 8!


On December 8, NCTE will release the much-anticipated report of the U.S. Trans Survey (USTS) at a livestreamed launch event at the National Press Club in Washington, DC.

The survey represents the collective efforts of individuals and organizations across the country in making this the largest survey of trans people in the United States to date. We are especially grateful the nearly 28,000 people who participated in this historic survey to share their experiences and make their voices heard. The timing of this report could not be more critical, and we know that the survey results will have an immediate impact on public education and policy advocacy.

Although issues that affect trans people have received an unprecedented amount of attention in the media recently, there is still much work to do to educate policymakers, educators, advocates, and the public about trans people’s experiences. The USTS report will be significant in reshaping how America understands the diverse experiences of trans people throughout the United States. For years to come, the report will support an affirming and inclusive narrative about the lives and critical needs of all trans people.

The report’s in-depth analyses highlight the disparities that disproportionately and uniquely impact the trans community, as well as the additional impact of experiences of oppression based on race, ability, class, immigration status, and gender expression. The USTS report also includes personal stories that help to bring the data to life by illustrating the complexity and nuances of the issues that trans people face in the United States. Importantly, this survey will serve as a vital tool for measuring and tracking progress towards achieving trans equality.

We are so excited to share this resource with the trans community, policymakers, and advocates. We hope it will help to engage society at large in understanding a community that is disproportionately underserved, faces high levels of discrimination and violence, and is so often misunderstood. We know that the USTS report will serve to raise awareness and prompt a national conversation about the unique experiences of trans people in the United States, driving and encouraging continued progress towards life-saving policies for trans people in all facets of civic life.

Click here to register to watch the launch, which will be livestreamed on December 8 at 1 p.m. Eastern!

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