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These kids think they're getting candy tonight...

the text says These kids think they're gonna get candy tonight when really they're getting resources about their rights at school :)  over a kitkat bar that is photoshopped to have a flash drive in the wrapper instead of a candy bar.

...when really they're getting resources about their rights at school!

¡Feliz Halloween!

For many transgender people—especially transgender youth—Halloween is a time to safely explore ones identity and relationship with clothes, makeup, and how we express our gender. Ideally, however, every day and every space would safe for trans kids to explore who they are—especially in schools.

Last year, we partnered with GLSEN to release our 2018 Model School Policy, helping teachers, guidance counselors, and administrators support transgender youth. Many of these policies are already in thousands of schools across the country, but a majority of transgender students still attend a school denying them basic fair treatment. 

Trans teens are some of the most vulnerable members of the next generation; most face bullying and harassment at school, and many are even rejected from their homes because of who they are. 

Supporting, trusting, and empowering trans youth are core steps everyone can take to give them the same chance every child deserves--and that's a real treat! 

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